​​How these conversations were documented was really important to the Project Squad, as they wanted it to be something that was accessible and appealing to both young and older.

​An interactive colouring book was something they felt older and younger people could enjoy together, and producing it also encouraged the young participants to be creative and organised. We decided to use the images that Tracy Whitefoot had taken of the interviews, as we agreed they capture the spirit of the project and the engagement and inspiration that the young people had experienced.

​You can purchase your own, complete with a CD of all the interviews for £3.50 - just get in touch!

You can listen to the Back in my Day archives here

During 2016, the Project Squad embarked on recording nearly 40 oral histories of older people's memories of work, employment and industry.​​

Building on the skills they had developed through workshops, research trips and training activities, the Project Squad appeared ready to create history themselves. During the interviews, the young people were able to put everything they had learnt into practice. They were encouraged to consider their family histories in relation to economic activity too, to question work ethic, sense of pride and generational worklessness.

   Oral History Project ​