Our Clients


We support young people (ages 16-29) to find both meaningful and sustainable employment -but more than that, we want to know what drives or interests them. We also want to know the things that are holding our client back so we can help them to challenge their problems. Often, our clients are not ready to enter the world of work, as they are disengaged, struggling to manage their mental health, have multiple financial barriers, have experienced years of inactivity out of work or education, have learning difficulties, or are lone parents.

Ultimately, young people who most need support, yet are the least likely to receive it.

More often than not, our clients require guidance, work and volunteer opportunities to actively practice employability skills and the confidence to get  into work. Our mentoring scheme is designed to give the time that is needed to helping individuals recognise their personal barriers, so the individual can manage or overcome them.

While you are engaged on our programme, we will support you to get into work in accordance with your needs -this may support with costs for childcare, travel, fitness -and even interview clothes. 

Ready when you are.

Here's what some of our clients have to say about their experience with Double T.