We at Double T are inspired by the small but growing movement towards 'Impact Investment'. This means business models that are as financially self-sufficient as possible, but with the focus on people rather than profits

How We Do It


We believe in transparency. Below you will find a diagram of our social enterprise model, built on our Theory of Change. This demonstrates how we channel the funds from our property wing into a sustainable employability support system, whereby our local community is able to achieve social impact - simply by purchasing a professional service from us.

This model allows us to use innovative methods with our clients, in a way where we can support them as individuals with varying potential barriers in their search for employment. To see our employability programme model, click here. 

Our Vision

We want to achieve the following outcomes (with particular focus at the local level):

Reduce youth unemployment.

Challenge youth perspectives towards unemployment.

Challenge commercial perspectives towards unemployment.

Create self-sustaining, confident individuals with a positive attitude about the future.

Encourage social cohesion among young people who are disengaged from society.

We provide free consultation, advice and support, but also work experience opportunities through our property development and property management enterprises.  These challenge participants to develop better communication skills, confidence and initiative.

We provide a service which aims to deal with the challenges that are often neglected by mainstream unemployment services, such as recognising the value of the individual and their personal aspirations, skills and potential barriers. By creating a relationship of trust and understanding we believe it is far more likely that we will help people to find meaningful and sustainable work.